Female artists unite, behold the art of World Wide Women collective: Working together is the answer for decreasing gender gap.

Being painfully aware of female inequality in the world, and in disagreement of how modern feminists are projecting an image that basically is against all that involves men, Anouska Beckwith dreamed with an art collective made of women who were willing to work together and felt empowered as women through cooperative work but aren’t radical against men. Accepting the idea that we can exist and live equally, respecting each gender. She began to live her dream and founded World Wide Women in 2012, started with eight ladies who shared her ideas.

“For the world to pretend that women are equal would be a lie, but I think times are changing very fast. Somebody like Malala Yousafzai clearly proves that” – Anouska Beckwith.

Anouska wanted her art collective to be above geographic, countries, cultural, languages barriers (hence the name) just women speaking the same language: art. Actively collaborating in art projects, exhibitions and pieces. Now World Wide Women has up to 35 artists collaborating and creating art together across the globe. Slowly they’ve been noticed in the world of arts, making their most important exhibition (until now) last December at The Cob Gallery in Camden – London, called Ritual.

You can keep on track their work here

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