Think twice before you throw a plastic bottle

It’s hard for us humans to realize the impact on nature of every decision we made, yeah you know, we have to work or go to school, finish some delayed projects, take our dog for a walk, hang out with our friends, get some sleep and rest, etc. We don’t have time to think about our planet, but we should. Have you ever wondered what happens with all the plastic stuff you throw away in the garbage? Did you know most plastics aren’t biodegradable and the ones who are can take up 1000 years to decompose? Did you also know that in the whole world exist 5 garbage vortexes across the seas, which entraps all the stuff thrown into the sea slowly poisoning? You should see this short and dynamic video made by TED education that explains it so easy and scarily accurate that you would never want to throw a plastic bottle so recklessly again.

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